About us

Mission Statement

Burlesque411.com's mission is to serve the general public by bringing burlesque shows to a central location on the web that is easy to find and simple to use. It allows fans of burlesque, and soon to be fans, find shows based on city and by performers. By applying a national database of performers and producers, potential audience members can find a show in their area quickly and easily, and find shows in other cities when they are traveling. We aim to help performers reach more of the general public and producers promote their shows to to as many potential audience members as possible.

About Burlesque411.com

Burlesque411.com was created when our founder, Lili VonSchtupp decided to leave her career in Radio and follow her passion by producing burlesque shows in Hollywood, CA. Since most shows have a different set of performers, she realized to make life as a producer simple, building a database of performers was the way to go. This allows for easy access to the information required to publish events on the shows website, including a performers bio, photo and links to her personal site. As she started to build the database, she realized that it would also be an effective way to showcase all burlesque shows across the country. Since many performers travel to other cities for performances, it was a natural extension widen the site and include other cites for searchable shows. Cites are rolled out based on a desire of that community to band together and publicize the community as team, rather than individual bases. Realizing many local papers don't know where to feature burlesque shows and advertising can be cost prohibitive, this offers a no cost alternative to publicize a show. Much like movies.com or craigslist.com, a centralized location of information benefits the entire burlesque community. Performers and producers can register to be listed on the site, and publish events for free.

About our founder

Lili VonSchupp has been collecting erotica and burlesque memorabilia since the first playboy she found under her father's bed at 8 years old. At 37 years old she took her first step onto the burlesque stage at the world famous Derby in Hollywood California and became hooked. After 4 years of performing, producing was the next logical step.